Data concentrator MIR MK-01

MIR MK-01 is an intelligent data concentrator for meter reading and controlling applications.

Data concentrator MIR MK-01

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– simultaneous operation with several data collection centers (up to 4);
– arranging self-organized mesh networks using PLC, ZigBee, RF;
– automatic search for optimal data delivery routes in PLC, ZigBee, RF networks;
– PLC data transmission through low and medium voltage lines;
– simultaneous operation of several PLC (ZigBee or RF) networks without affecting each other;
– reservation of PLC, ZigBee (main - PLC, backup - ZigBee or vice versa) communication channels;
– automatic collection and storage of profiles, daily and monthly readings of electricity metering devices;
– time synchronization of electricity metering devices based on the unit's system time;
– protection against unauthorized access and data security.

Interfaces and communication

– Optical port for configuration and servicing;
– GSM;
– Ethernet;
– RS-485;
– PLC;
– ZigBee;
– RF.


Parameter name


Optical port

Data transmission rate, bps 9600


Number of interfaces 2
Data transmission rate, bps 9600 – 115200


Mobile communication standards GSM 900/1800 (CSD and GPRS)
Number of SIM-cards 2
Work with static IP-address SIM cards Supported
Number of simultaneously outgoing TCP/IP-connections 4


Data transmission rate, Mbps 100
Number of simultaneously incoming TCP/IP-connections 4


Number of interfaces 2
Operation mode As base or as remote station
Number of logical networks 1023
Number of devices in logical network 2047
Data transmission rate (automatic selection), kbps 0.625; 2.5; 33.4
Operating frequency range (optional), kHz 20–80;95–125;31–95
The PLC output signal level on the equivalent of the power network with a resistance of 5 ohms, V 1.0
The PLC output signal level, ensuring reception, mV, not more than 1.0


Operation mode As coordinator or as router
Data transmission rate, kbps 250
Operating frequency range, MHz 2400 – 2483.5
ZigBee transmitter carrier frequency power, mW 100


Operation mode
Operating frequency range, MHz
868.7 – 869.2
Transmitter carrier frequency power, mW
Data transmission rate, kbps
50 or 10
Receiver sensitivity, dBm:
- at data transmission rate of 50 kbps
- at data transmission rate of 10 kbps

- 107
- 107

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