Smart grid solution for distribution networks and communities

Your own smart grid / wireless digital communication infrastructure based on wireless and PLC mesh networks

Smart grid solution for distribution networks and communities

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Innovative solution based on highly integrated devices and ISM communication channels.

– Power network observability, reduction of system interruption frequency (SAIFI) and duration (SAIDI);
– Mesh RF-, PLC- and ZigBee communication networks;
– Single integrated solution for distribution grid and for «last mile»;
– Highly integrated equipment. Most of monitoring and control tasks are performed by metering units.

1. General

  Smart grid is an intelligent power network with its own communication channels, covering the power transmission networks and «last mile» networks. Own communication channels is a good option that could reduce expenses and improve network reliability in some cases.

  2. Purpose

  1)   Improving reliability – better SAIDI and SAIFI due to the full observability distribution networks. Implementation of the automatic self-repairing function of electrical networks using reclosers.
  2) Reducing technical and commercial losses of electricity, increasing the economic efficiency of power grid companies.

  3. Advantages

  1) Own structure of communication channels:
  – use of the 868 MHz or -2.4 GHz wireless sensor networks (RF - ZigBee);
  – mesh technology for data transmission over OHL (PLC), RF, ZigBee.
  2)   Comprehensive solution – integration of the household consumers metering system in order to reduce the level of electricity losses.
  3)   Integration of reclosers into the system for reconfiguring the grid sections and reducing reducing the consumers outage rate and duration.
  4) Automatic detection of the line damage location and the allocation of an emergency area.

    4. Implementation

  The intelligent power grid is represented by the following elements: low and medium voltage disrtibution substations and recloser. Each network element is a communication node between levels.
  Communication channels are implemented using mesh technologies within the ISM band. Integration of all systems into a single digital space allows you to manage the power grid in safe and efficient manner.
  Any of the MK-01 data concentrators can be a network coordinator and entry point for collecting information.