MIR S-04 is a smart direct-connected commercial electricity meter suitable for low voltage applications. 

The meter provides extensive functionality in key areas of metering: power quality, anti-tampering, security, billing data protection and outage support. This version is intended for indoor installation.


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– measurement of active, reactive energy for forward and reverse directions in three-phase AC circuits;
– operating autonomously or as part of the AMI.

Measured parameters

– active and reactive electrical energy of forward and reverse directions;
– active, reactive and apparent demand for each phase and total for three phases;
– RMS (effective) current and voltage values for each phase;
– RMS (effective) values of linear voltages;
– power factor for each phase and total;
– instrumentation values (U, I, f, ...).

Interfaces and communication

– Optical port;
– RS-485 (optional);
– PLC (optional);
– ZigBee 2.4 GHz with internal/external antenna (optional);
– Self-organizing mesh network for PLC and ZigBee interfaces;
– 868 MHz RF with internal/external antenna (optional);
– 1 mechanical relay output (optional);
– One pulse input (optional).

Anti-tamper capabilities

– configurable outage capability (by remote command or by exceeding internal setting);
– subscriber disconnection when the voltage is exceeded, or if there is an external magnetic field, or if the temperature inside is critically high;
– visual magnetic field impact indicator;
– main/terminal cover removal detection;
– anti-tamper built-in 3D magnetic field sensor;
– self-diagnostics.


Parameter name


Electricity metering

Accuracy class for measuring active /reactive energy in both directions 1/1
Rated voltage Urated, V 3 х 230/400 or 1 х 230
Normal voltage range when measuring power and energy From 0.8 to 1.2Urated
Basic (maximum) current, Ib. (Imax.), A 5 (100)
Phase voltage measurement range, V From 0.8 to 1.2Urated
Phase current measurement range, A From 0.05Ib. to Imax
Network frequency rated value, Hz 50
Frequency measurement range, Hz From 47.5 to 52.5
Other parameters  
Active (total) power, consumed by each voltage circuit, not more than, W (V⋅A) 2,0 (10)
Total power, consumed by each current circuit, not more than, V⋅A 1.0
Number of tariffs/tariff zones up to 4 tariffs in 12 tariff zones
Calibration interval (in Russian Federation), years: 16
Warranty period, years 5
Mean time between failures, h, not less than 290000
Mean service life, years, not less than 30
Protection degree IP51
Dimensions, mm 283×168×97
Weight, kg 1.8
Operating temperatures range, °C from minus 40 to plus 60
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