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MIR, Inc is one of the leading suppliers of industrial solutions for automation and electric grid facilities management.
The headquarter and production facility is located in Omsk – the largest industrial center of Russia.

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· Electrical power meters – highly intelligent and multifunctional counting and control devices with unprecedented price/functionality.
· Controllers – multifunctional automation devices optimized for management new and tens years old electric grid facilities in heavy climatic and noisy conditions.
· Data transmission equipment – a family of devices optimized for heavy conditions use.
· All equipment is compatible with global industrial standards


· Advanced equipment infrastructure (AMI) for industrial applications. Multifunctional solution for managing power supply infrastructure of an industrial enterprise. It improves the efficiency of enterprise, the reliability and safety of its power grid.
· Smart grid solution for distribution networks and communities. Your own smart grid / wireless digital communication infrastructure based on wireless and PLC mesh networks.
· Anti-tamper advanced equipment infrastructure for communities For low and medium voltage applications in commercial, light industrial and residential. Electricity equipment, anti-tampering, power quality, security, outage support. Improving efficiency of utility companies on emerging markets.

Facts about MIR, Inc

· Experience since 1991.
· About 500 employees.
· Own R&D, production facility, project office.
· More than 300 biggest projects done since 1991 in Russia and Kazakhstan.
· Manufacturing capability: 200.000+ equipment units per year
· Complete lifecycle – project-oriented design, manufacturing, embodiment and service.
· Most advanced quality – MIR, Inc is the only market twice Laureate of the Russian Federation  Government Quality Prize in 2007 and 2013, graduate in 2019.
· MIR, Inc is ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS18001 certified


· Mittal Steel
· IDGS of Siberia, IDGS of South, IDGS of Center
· Gazprom Neft
· Lukoil
· Rosneft
· KazTransOil

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